Viet Hai fishing village is a small village deep in Cat Ba National Park and located in Cat Hai island district, Hai Phong. Because it is located deep in the forest, so the road is winding. Furthermore, few people in the country have come here before, but today Viet Hai village is attracting many foreign tourists, especially this is a very good point Preferred with this type of bike tour.

Viet Hai Village   

Previously, Viet Hai was almost separate from the outside world. The locals here are extremely friendly, honest and hospitable. In particular, all houses in the village are open all day and night, whether or not there is a homeowner, no one steals any furniture. If any family needs help, everyone in the village is ready. Viet Hai is almost "pure" with all kinds of social evils. Immerse yourself in the peaceful everyday life of the locals here, visitors will surely have extremely interesting experiences.

Although it is one of the poorest communes of Cat Hai district, people here seem to be satisfied with their current life, albeit poor in material but rich in love. This is a unique cultural trait that attracts more and more international tourists. Along with other fishing villages in Ha Long Bay, Viet Hai fishing village also contributed significantly to the promotion of tourism image of Halong Bay, Cat Ba went deep into the mind of visitors.

Tourists to Viet Hai fishing village will have the opportunity to ride a bike to admire the peaceful scenery of the village or you can hire motorbike taxi drivers who are farmers here. Furthermore, many stilt houses and restaurants serving tourists have also been opened here to serve the needs of tourists. Here, visitors can enjoy the self-rearing and self-cultivation of the local people here such as chicken, duck or vegetable and etc.

Viet Hai Village   

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