Got pier is a pier in Hai Phong city connecting the inland Hai Phong with Cat Ba island. It is currently the most common way to get to this island.

Get to Got pier

To go from Hai Phong City to Cat Ba Island by car, You have to go through 2 piers which are Dinh Vu pier and Got pier. Each pier will take 30-45 minutes to cross the sea, you follow route 356 to Dinh Vu ferry then go to Dinh Vu ferry to Ninh Tiep. You follow the main road 356 on Cat Hai island to Got pier, you take a ferry to Cai Vieng and so continue to go straight to Cat Ba town.

Got pier

Got pier

From Got pier to Cat Ba island

When arriving in Cat Hai, you will need to drive 7km to the east port of the island to take a local ferry to Cat Ba from Got pier. This second ferry will cost you 6,000 VND per person and 26,000 VND for a motorbike owner. You will arrive at Cai Vieng pier on the island of Cat Ba. Both ferries operate every hour but note that most ferries will only travel until 5 pm and do not depart during the night. This is a cheaper and more risky option. Although hearing this way seems a bit complicated, but it is easy to do when you have a motorbike. When driving from this pier to Cat Ba town, make sure you are not on TL356 unless you own a dirty bike. Instead, you just need to go straight at the first mayor intersection.

Got pier is a small pier connecting Hai Phong city with the Cat Ba tourist area. For those who love to travel by motorbike, it is a good way to transfer because of avoiding the industrial zones, ports, residential areas, etc.